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Lariat Necklace Design Ideas

Lariat necklace is a kind or a model of necklace designs which has very simple design but still elegant. The typical design of it is a tied necklace between one side to another side. It does not have hook at the neck edge line like common necklace styles. Beside the simplicity, lariat necklace is also a unique way to have jewelry. Though it seems simple, but it remains beautiful and of course fashionable. Here you can find the valuable information about this unique necklace style.

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14k Gold Lariat Necklace

How To Tie Lariat Necklace

9 Inspiration Gallery from Lariat Necklace Design Ideas

White Gold Lariat Necklace
Star Lariat Necklace
Rhinestone Lariat Necklace
Pearl Lariat Necklace
Long Lariat Necklace
Lariat Necklace Designs
Gold Lariat Necklace
Bridal Lariat Necklace
14k Gold Lariat Necklace

To make lariat necklace is just to fasten it by tying a knot on its edge line. There are many ways to tie a lariat necklace. You can tie edge to edge or you can leave the remaining rope necklace in one piece as fit as their own aesthetic. Furthermore, you can personalize your own diy lariat necklace to make it perfect hanging on your neck and of course it will make you more beautiful and fashionable. For more details, there are three styles you can try to tie this lariat necklace.

The first lariat necklace tying style is following the necklace. It means that lariat necklace has been designed with tying method. It usually has also geometric pendant to pull the chain through the hook. The second style is named by knot in front. You can place the necklace around the neck and the edge or end hanging across the chest. You can meke the end as your necklace pendant, cannot you? And the last style is loop. You should fold the necklace in half, with the necklace strands hanging parallel to each other. The last step is picking up the necklace ends and feeding them through to fasten it.

If you still want to add a necklace pendant, you can string it on after tying your necklace in order to not make tying difficult. This lariat necklace idea is definitely simple and easy to do but still look elegant and even luxurious if you choose the best materials of the necklace such as diamond necklace or just gold one. You can use this lariat necklace for several requirements and occasions especially in formal necessaries.

You can wear this unique jewelry to be center of attention in everywhere you are. Lariat necklace is suitable for party, celebration and even daily jewelry accessories. There are simple and complicated designs and styles to give you more freedom to choose. To be unique is how to be special. So, how unique are you?

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