• Glamorous Sapphire Engagement Ring Collections

    black sapphire engagement rings

    Black Sapphire Engagement Rings

    August 22, 2017 Hands Jewelry

    Sapphire is the beautiful stone that is precious. Usually, it has bright blue color. Anyhow, there is red sapphire too which as beautiful as the blue. Today, we want to talk and share about the beauty of sapphire engagement rings. Designed gorgeously, these engagement ring designs will captivate your look in your

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  • Beautiful Princess Cut Engagement Ring Inspirations

    2 carat princess cut engagement rings

    2 Carat Princess Cut Engagement Rings

    August 22, 2017 Hands Jewelry

    Have a nice and unforgettable engagement day for you! But, wait! Are you sure that you have bought the best engagement rings for your special occasion? If you aren’t sure about it, you still have time to buy the new one which is designed as princess cut engagement rings. Pretentiously accessorized with diamond, this

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  • Beautiful Horseshoe Necklace

    horseshoe gold necklace

    Horseshoe Gold Necklace

    August 21, 2017 Necklaces Jewelry

    Ring and necklace are the most popular women jewel from the past till recent days, they pretending addition of women’s look and perhaps whole of man are attend to give them. Necklace is the easier jewel to recognize by the aye because it string around and hanging at the neck and eventually women are love …

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  • Lovely Gift; Opal Necklace

    blue fire opal necklace

    Blue Fire Opal Necklace

    August 21, 2017 Necklaces Jewelry

    Neck is one of human part body that use to be inviting enough for every eyes, there is kind of neck view which is different according the anatomy. Necklace is perfect feature for neck look, it hanging rounding which is made by jewel and connecting by the string line. Having growing as the one of …

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  • Glorious Jewel Is Ruby Necklace

    antique ruby necklace

    Antique Ruby Necklace

    August 21, 2017 Jewellery Ideas

    Impeccable skin is perhaps women’s dream around the whole world but with necklace it was very perfect. Having thousand variant, necklace is quiet simple gift but also can be precious jewel. In the human development history, the string line has including as one of important part story which is becoming a symbol in

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  • Gold Monogram Necklace Ideas

    gold disc necklace monogram

    Gold Disc Necklace Monogram

    August 20, 2017 Jewellery Ideas

    What is monogram necklace? Monogram necklace is one kind of necklace which personalizes the monogram pendants as everyone wish. The most common way is to make a name initials as necklace pendant. For example, Mary Anne should make monogram necklace with the initial M and A and others. And now, this necklace type is

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  • The Meaning And The Design Of Saint Christopher Necklace

    gold saint christopher necklace

    Gold Saint Christopher Necklace

    August 20, 2017 Jewellery Ideas

    The saint christopher necklace or the saint Christopher medal is the special kind of necklace that has the great meaning for the catholic. Today it can be found easily in various prices in ebay for example. For the catholic people, having this kind of necklace can symbolize their obedience for imitating the attitude

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  • Precious Coral Necklace Ideas

    antique coral necklace

    Antique Coral Necklace

    August 20, 2017 Necklaces Jewelry

    We often hear and find diamond and gold jewelries. Now, how do you think about coral jewelry? Are they weird or strange enough for you? You won’t think so after you read this article. Here i will give you great infrormation about coral necklace ideas to be your jewelry references. Basically, one word to describe

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  • The Cameo Necklace, The Variations, And The Design

    black cameo necklace

    Black Cameo Necklace

    August 19, 2017 Jewellery Ideas

    The cameo necklace refers to the special kind of necklace created through the special way of engraving. People can choose this special necklace because of its special appearance offered. The special process of its creation makes the possibility of gaining the best artistic type of necklace. That will give some modern

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  • Choosing Owl Necklace For Based On Your Fashion Style

    antique owl necklace

    Antique Owl Necklace

    August 19, 2017 Necklaces Jewelry

    If your addiction comes from the accessories shop you often visit, you will find that owl fills the pendant in almost every shop. Owl becomes popular since indie style got recognized. It is the early stage of owl pendant necklace to be popular right now. Now, as you can see through the shops, there are …

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